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$2,000.00 $180.00



$2,000.00 $180.00

  • RATING: 8.8
  • TYPE: Indicia
  • THC: 18% – 22%
  • CBD: .08% – .1%
  • GENETICS: Purple Afghani x Hindu Kush
  • APPEARANCE: As the name suggests, Purple Kush is very purple, especially when grown at low temperatures. It has great trachoma production and dense nags.
  • SMELL: Fruity grape scent
  • BEST FOR TREATING: Pain and insomnia
  • CREATED FEELINGS: Purple Kush creates a very relaxing high that gets you really tired when you come down.
  • DURATION: Around 1 to 2 hours
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Also purple kush has a RATING: 8.8 TYPE: Indica THC: 18% – 22% CBD: .08% – .1% and a GENETICS: Purple Afghani x Hindu Kush. Also, its SMELL is a  Fruity grape scent. Most importantly, it is BEST FOR TREATING: Pain and insomnia. Finally, it has a DURATION of Around 1 to 2 hours. its SIMILAR STRAINS are Grape Romulan, OG Kush and Afghan Kush

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Purple Kush has numerous medicinal benefits, which is in part why so many have become hooked to its euphoric, relaxing and sometimes even trippy effects. This marijuana strain is potent and versatile, making it a safe bet for a diverse group of patients, connoisseurs, beginner smokers, casual 420 consumers and beyond.

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It makes a dynamic addition to your pot stash or medicine cabinet. And you might even surprise yourself with the discovery of continuously reaching for PK late at night.

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Leaves: Your plant’s fan and sugar leaves can change tone, yet won’t have quite a bit of an impact on the shade of the bud. It is maybe the leaves that give the most striking appearance when purple pre-reap.

Pistils: These are the hairs that emerge from the buds and let you realize your plant is female. By and large, they start with a white tone, prior to turning earthy colored, red, or orange. Notwithstanding, they can get purple or pink. The best part is that the shading stays after you have gathered, restored, and dried your weed!

Calyxes: These little cases contain your buds. Many calyxes stacked upon each other make up the cannabis blossoms.

Trichomes: These little precious stones cover the buds and normally start with a flickering cold white tone. As collect opportunity arrives and goes, the trichomes become golden. Notwithstanding, you can turn them purple.


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