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Cannabis Concentrates

In ordinary decent stoner terms cannabis concentrates are extracted resin. These concentrates or extracts are trichomes removed from buds and sugar leaves. The methods of obtaining and processing resin range from the easy to the exotic.

Traditionally, flowers are beaten and screened to produce kief, which is later pressed into a block of hashish is old school. Typical contemporary cannabis concentrates are usually obtained by solvent extraction processes. Butane and Isopropyl extraction are popular amongst DIY hash makers and professionals. This is where “honey oil” or BHO comes from.

Advanced CO2 extraction techniques are utilised by high-end dispensaries and extract specialists with lab facilities. CBD extracts are often refined this way to guarantee medicinal grade concentrate.

Tinctures are concentrates too. CBD medicinal cannabis tinctures and high THC recreational tinctures are available in Colorado and rapidly becoming the new hot concentrate. God only knows what the 19th Century pharmacist’s cannabis tincture tasted like, but this new breed comes in a range of fruity flavours.

The cleanest cannabis concentrates and simplest to make at home, are solvent-free extracts. Blond pollen hash can be easily shaken from frozen buds with an inexpensive pollen shaker. Top-shelf water extracted bubble hash can be made with a device the size of a coffee machine. And Fire! Rosin can be pressed from buds wrapped in parchment paper with a hair straightener

What Are Medical Marijuana Concentrates?

Cannabis oils, concentrates, and extracts, are umbrella terms that refer to any product derived from cannabis flower that is processed into concentrated form. Concentrates will generally be dominant in THC or CBD, or possibly a combination of both (depending on the strain and process used for extraction).

Cannabis concentrates will be much more potent when compared to flower. In Ohio, the THC limit on flower maxes out at 35%, while cannabis concentrates are allowed up to 70% THC content. For this reason, cannabis concentrates are suggested for those patients that are veteran cannabis users, and have developed a significant tolerance to THC. There are some specific conditions, such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, and any type of wasting syndrome, that will also benefit from cbd concentrates.

Generally speaking: for a potent and euphoric high, look for high-THC products; for a balanced and gentle high, try to find a product with an equal mix of THC and CBD; and for therapeutic relief without the high, you’ll be looking for high-CBD, low-THC products.

So, now that we understand what cannabis concentrates are, let’s go over what the different forms of concentrates are and how to use them!

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